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Easy Gondeurae Bibimbab

Remember the awesome Gondeurae Bibimbab that I had at Gangwon-do this summer? Well, apparently it had quite a lasting impression on me because it's been on ma mind lately~ So when I was at E-Mart the other day, I found a variety of small packets of dried veggies and mushrooms (including dried gondeurae leaves), that you can easily add to your rice in the cooker. Each packet is stated to serve 2-3.


For today's lunch, I tried the 'Sanchae Bibimbab' one, which included dried gondeurae leaves, gosari (fern brake), mushrooms, and some doraji (bellflower root).


As per the directions on the package, I simply threw everything into my rice cooker, along with white rice, some black/wild rice, and water. Then I left the cooker alone to do its thing.


Here it is after cooking and a little stir to fluff up the rice. I like how the wild rice dyes the white rice purple. :)


I could've enjoyed the gondeurae bab with just some gim, but I decided to use it to make a vibrant bibimbab with a ton of fresh sprouts, lettuce, broken gim pieces, a dollop of dwenjang, and a drizzle of sesame seed oil. Colorful, no? I also made a simple seaweed salad on the side.


The gondeurae bab wasn't as amazing as the one I had at Gangwon-do, but it was still pretty good! My bibimbab was a little dry because I didn't include much sauce or liquid in it, so next time, I'll have to try making the right sauce. :) All in all, it was an easy way to recreate one of my memorable summer eats.

P.S. Anyone else excited for Vegan MoFo 2010 this November? :) Sign up here to officially join the fun. November is looking to be a monster month full of vegan food and exciting events- can't wait.

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