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From the market to my plate
Outdoor Market

I was low on fresh produce today, so before lunch, I made a trip to my neighborhood outdoor market and thought it would be nice to take some photos to share on this blog!

Outdoor Market

This is my favorite veggie/fruit vendor in one corner of the marketplace.

Outdoor Market
Outdoor Market

Veggies a-plenty.

Outdoor Market

And I always love walking past the colorful ddeok stalls. I just wanna eat every single one of them!

Outdoor Market

ooOoOo~~ nothin' but ddeok! I just wanna dive in it, as if I were a kiddie in one of those plastic ball pits.

However, along with the awesome fresh produce and delightful ddeoks that abound, there are also plenty of butchers and seafood stalls with animal carcasses hanging out, causing nasty stink. It's pretty impossible to ignore them, especially the vendors selling ham-hocks, aka 'jok-bal '. It smells really terrible and it's just painful to see. I have to hold my breath and avert my eyes when I walk past them, but once I get to my favorite veggie vendor, I can relax and enjoy my grocery-shopping experience.

So those are just some photies from today's excursion and now my mini fridge is restocked with yumminess. In fact, I literally had to tape the fridge shut cuz the door kept popping open.

Moving on to some of today's eats:


My mid-morning snack (2 hours after my typical oatmeal breakfast) was a juicy peach with walnuts and a glass of misut-garu (toasted bean/grain powder) with soymilk, water, and ice cubes. My mom has been constantly reminding me to drink my misut-garu, so this one's for her.


Lunch was a colorful plate of food. I made a tofu scramble with red onions, mushrooms and broccoli, and ate it with some rice and black beans on the side. I love the visual contrast the black rice and beans add to the dish. :)


Nyam nyam, jjap jjap~


I also spent some productive time in the afternoon at Starbucks. I brought along some munchies: black beans! I think the fact that I carry beans with me as a portable snack makes me an official bean-lover.

Phew~ well, those are all the photos I have for today. Thank you everyone for the encouragement on my goal to get fit and strong! Nite nite~

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