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Sugar-Free Soy Milk!

Here are two soy milks that I've been buying a lot lately. Both are vegan and totally free of sugar, weird ingredients and additives!


The first one is this Woongjin brand of "Incredibly Pure Soybeans" soy milk that I buy at Emart. I actually remember trying this soy milk several years ago and thinking it was disgusting because it's quite thick and there was absolutely no sweetness to it at all, but I recently tried it again and my taste buds must've changed because now I think it's quite good! It's basically just soy beans blended up reaaal well. It's only very sliiightly grainy at the bottom, but it's barely noticeable, and it mixes really well in coffee or tea. I actually like the blandness and ofcourse I can always add my own sugar or agave syrup if I want.


One thing to note is that there are two versions of the plain soy milk- either in bottles or and tetra paks. Only the bottled version has no sugar, while the soy milk in the tetra paks (pictured above) has a little sugar. Probably for longer preservation? Woongjin also has a vegan black bean milk, which I wanna try soon too~


Another new favorite soy milk is this new sugar-free organic soy milk from Yonsei. It's different from their regular organic soy milk in the blue cartons that you can find at Loving Huts and department stores. I haven't seen this one at any stores (yet), but I got two crates from GMarket. Each crate has 16 cartons and all together the total was 17,400won, which comes out to about 545 won per 200ml carton!


There are only two ingredients: soy beans and salt. Amazing. I reckon this is perfect for health-conscious types, and diabetics too! I've been using this organic sugar-free soy milk in all my baking lately and it's pretty great. Since it is sugar-free it does make the goodies a little less sweet, and the thickness of the soy milk slightly changes the texture of things like cookies, but it's not a big problem at all.


Nutritional stats per 200ml carton: 75cal, 4g carbs, 7g protein, 3.5g fat.

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Sugar-Free Soy Milk! + Vegan