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January Snow Storm

Phew, it snowed like mad the other day! 10 inches? :) I came out of my apartment in the middle of the day, and my neighborhood was like a ghost town. There were hardly any cars on the road, and the ones that were out, were literally crawling. There were also a bunch of neighborhood folk out clearing the sidewalks, in the spirit of neighborly unity. Everyone was just really happy and willing to help. High on snow, I guess...

So I decided to go for a walk around Children's Grand Park, to take some snow photies. :) Everything was so peaceful and beauuuutiful. The snow looked so pretty, and it covered up some of the grey ugliness of the city.

It seemed like all the schools and also many companies were closed for the day. I loved that everyone sort of forgot about their worries and schedules, and just took a day off to enjoy this rare occasion. It makes me wish I were a kid again. But you want to know the best thing about all this snow? Watching glamazon girls trying to strut in their hooker boot heels without slipping. Ridonkulous . I actually saw one girl get her pointy heel stuck in some packed snow and she was strugglin' to pull it out. haha. Cracked me up.

Children's Grand Park entrance lit up at dusk

I also visited my barista-friend at the coffee shop 'Harunohee' and sipped on some barley tea to warm myself up.

I should really visit 'Haru' more often, cuz it's a cute place and the service is always great. If anyone wants to support a little, independent coffee shop, check it out.

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January Snow Storm + seoul