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ADO in Boracay: Sailing, Snorkeling, & Sea creatures

So, we've come to the final entry for 'Alien's Day Out in the Philippines.' :) Here are a few final highlights and odds 'n' ends to wrap up this vacation series.

After months of no creative motivation or inspiration, I'm happy to say that I rediscovered my creative mojo in Boracay. Being surrounded by so much goodness got me itching to draw again.

Here's a random 'Go Vegan' sign I found at a clothing store at D'Mall. I like.

One of the absolute highlights of our time in Boracay was hiring two locals to take us for a ride on their sail boat for a few hours. The sail boat had these "wing"-like appendages, with plastic netting that we would sit on, suspended directly over the water. It was basically like being in a hammock over the ocean water. And the sea was just so calming...

At one point, we got the boat man to stop by 'Crocodile Island' (a small island nearby), so that we could jump in and do some snorkeling. It was so much fun! There was a lot of diverse sea life to admire~ Here are some photos that Chris took using an underwater camera:

I'm so jealous of Chris for seeing this neon blue starfish. It looks so squishable!

The sea urchin, on the other hand... not so squishable.

Anyway, we were having a buttload of fun splashing around, but it was tiring trying to swim through the current. At one point, I was taking a break by holding onto the side of the boat, and Chris also swam over to the side of the boat, when all of a sudden, he yelled "Ow! A jellyfish!" He was actually surprisingly calm for the fact that he was being stung. I think I panicked more than him because I knew it could've easily been me! Chris probably blocked the jellyfish from getting to me first (thanks buddy, haha). He was able to get the jellyfish off his upper arm and back within a few seconds, but not before it stung him good, leaving painful welts across his chest, arm, and back. Ouch! So after that, I promptly jumped back on the boat and said "Ok, that's enough snorkeling for me today!" :) According to Chris, the burning sensation lasted about 30 minutes, and since I know what you're wondering, the answer is 'no,' none of us peed on him.

We also asked the sailor to take us to a remote beach on the other side of the island, called 'Puka Beach.' Unlike White Beach, which has been taken over by tourists, there were very few other people there. There was also a lush jungle of greenery just beyond the sand.

Mr. Crabby~~

On our last day at Boracay, we rented the sail boat a second time, just to be in the middle of the ocean and to sail off into the sunset. hehe

We all just lay out on the 'hammock wings' and basked in the glow of the tranquil sky and watched the stars peek out from their hiding places. It was such a privilege to experience so much beauty, and I felt blessed in every way.

Three souvenirs that Chris bought for us, each with our names on them. So thoughtful! I just wanna say that I'm so thankful for friends who I can travel and see the world with. We made some unforgettable memories, and I can't wait for our next adventure~

And here's one final sunset from our flight back to the Motherland.

Looking back, it all feels like a complete dream. Now that I'm in Korea again, it's back to the same life, same routine... I wake up and think, "Did I really go to Boracay? Did I really see and experience all that?" The evidence lies in my photos and the darker shade of my skin.

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ADO in Boracay: Sailing, Snorkeling, & Sea creatures + travel