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Middle of the week, middle of the year!

It's been a while since Bunny made an appearance on the blog, so here's a pic of her from last night. She has been shedding like mad lately. You can see the uneven patches of shorter and longer hair. And check out that really long strand coming out of her head! I tried pulling it off thinking it might be a loose 'rat tail', but nope, it's good and stuck on there (for now). Perhaps I'll give her a haircut. Her fur balls are floating and rolling around my apartment floor like tumbleweed, forcing me to vacuum at least twice a day. Thank God Korean apartments don't have carpeting, or I'd be going bananas. Why do bunnies have to shed so much?! Are there any other indoor-bunny owners out there? How do you deal with the fuzz??

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain pitter-pattering outside my window. I love waking up to rain! Especially in the summer. It makes me feel like I'm back in West Africa, where the rain cools everything down and makes the heat a little more bearable. It also adds a sense of adventure and excitement to my day.


Today's oatmeal was pretty typical, with some smashed banana, ground flaxseeds, blackstrap molasses, and a scoop of PB. Simple yet so good. My warm brekkie was that much more comforting today, what with the cooler morning temps.


Later in the morning, I made a green tea latte using the green tea powder I bought at the Bo-Sung Tea Plantation last year. It's just been sitting in my pantry for ages without being touched, and I figured it was time to put it to use. I just whisked a teaspoon of the powder in some hot water until it was well-dissolved, and then added some soymilk and sweetener (I used stevia). It was pretty good! I made mine a bit watery compared to the ones you find at cafes, but it was a nice change from my regular English Breakfast tea.


Lunch was a very filling bowl of black beans and zucchini, with a side of sauteed collards. Dessert was half an apple.

cafe mano

In the afternoon, I went to Cafe Mano. Again! :) Twice in one week~ The lady there recognizes me now. I was jonesing for a chocolate fix, but was undecided over whether to get their chocolate chip cookie or the biscotti (both vegan!). The lady said that they were both good, but that the biscotti was less sweet. I wasn't in the mood for anything super sweet, so biscotti it was. 2000 won for a package of 3 pieces.

cafe mano

Like she said, it really wasn't very sweet, and that was a plus for me. It tasted good, but it wasn't as hard or dry as I think biscotti should be. It was sort of just like a chocolate cookie or brownie, cut up into long strips. Watever, it was still yummy, cruelty-free, and it went great with my americano. Also loved the bits of macadamia and cashew nuts in it.


At the cafe, I did some Internet browsing, video-skyped with Unnie, and continued reading 'The Only Boy in the World,' a book that Abigail lent to me. I've only just started it, so I don't have much to say about it yet, but so far, it seems like a good, easy, yet eye-opening read. :) Gosh, I have so many half-read books right now... it's a terrible habit of mine. Let's hope I finish this one.


When I got home, I found a parcel waiting for me outside my door! A surprise care package? Sadly no~ But it still put a smile on my face cuz it was three cans of pumpkin puree that I ordered online from Assah! Can't wait to have some 'pumpkin pie oatmeal' tomorrow! Btw, you can also buy this pumpkin puree at the Foreign Food Mart at Itaewon, or the Bangsan Baking Market at Dongdaemun, usually for 4000 won per can.


By dinnertime, I was seriously hungry. I was too lazy to do any real cooking though, so I just assembled a plate of boiled sweet potato, black beans, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber slices with ssam-jang dip.


And for dessert, I microwaved a plate of sliced apples and topped it with peanut butter, raisins, and a dusting of cinnamon.


So delicious.


Late night snackie: frozen beans.

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Middle of the week, middle of the year! + Vegan