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SM Vegetarian Buffet by Yangjae station

Finally went to check out the SM Vegetarian Buffet by Yangjae Station. This is the third veg buffet I've been to in Korea. The taste of most of the food was fine, and a few of their wheat meat dishes were really delicious, but I have to say, this vegan buffet isn't as good as the other ones I've been to. I just wish they had a better selection. I think they have a bit too many 'wheat/soy meat' dishes, and not enough wholesome veggie dishes. Their salad bar is also a lot smaller than the one at Oh Sae Gae Hyang Buffet. Plus, they don't even have a desert section! Fail! haha...

One thing that I did find to be unique was their 'black bean bread' slices- don't think I've ever seen that before. Weird eating black-colored bread, but it was still pretty good.

I also bought a loaf of wheat grain bread from their mini store section. Apparently, they make it directly in their restaurant, and ofcourse, it's stamped with their 'SM' sticker. The bread was aiight... Maybe the loaf I bought was a little old, but it just wasn't that fresh or soft... I'm sure if I had bought a fresher loaf, it would've been really good.

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SM Vegetarian Buffet by Yangjae station + vegan product