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Vegan Breakfast Diaries in Paris

I'm back in Korea! I arrived late last night, after a total of 11 hours delay and a total travel time of over 24 hours. It was a loooong trip with very little sleep. In fact, today, I basically slept all night and day, waking up at around 5pm. Woah. I can't believe I slept that long, but I guess my body is sleep-deprived, in addition to being jet-lagged. I really need to clean my room, do laundry, and go grocery shopping because my fridge is empty, but I'm still in vacation-mode and don't want to return to reality and the daily routine... I'll get to all that eventually... :)

In the meantime, here is an ode to my breakfasts in Paris. I had a lot of delicious foods while out and about on the streets of Paris, such as vegan veggie pies at the organic farmers market, and savory crepes at Loving Hut. However, I think the best, most memorable meals were the breakfasts that I enjoyed in the comforts of my friend's apartment and kitchen. In order to sustain my energy while touring the city, I always made sure to fill up before heading out the door, and my plate always included something exciting and different:


Vegan pain au chocolat from Loving Hut, banana slices, and tea with soy milk.


Plain soy yogurt with dried cranberries, walnut bread with vegan cheesy spread by Le Sojami, and raw pumpkin and onion flax crackers.


Dense bread loaded with dried figs and raisins, almonds, and hazelnuts (from Raspail organic market), an apricot, and raspberries.


There are no words to describe how awesome this bread was.


Soy yogurt with bananas, pears, and dried cranberries.


More soy yogurt, raspberries, figs, banana, and hazelnut milk.


I went through so much yogurt (various brands), that all those healthy probiotics definitely kept me 'regular' throughout my entire trip. :) I was so amazed at how every major supermarket has several brands and flavors of soy yogurt, as if it were nothing special at all. And they all tasted juuuust like the yogurt I remember, even the plain flavor without all the added sugar. I really wish a Korean company would come out with a vegan yogurt brand. I would definitely be their # 1 customer.

I miss my Paris breakfasts!

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Vegan Breakfast Diaries in Paris + Vegan