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I was recently contacted by Annie Park, a vegetarian in Korea who, along with some of her friends, has started a small business selling homemade muesli! 'Milky Rain' is their name, and they currently have five different mueslis, four of which are vegan. Each has a catchy flavor title like 'Sunshine Island' and 'Morning Calm,' and their website is cute to boot.

Anyway, Annie asked if I would mind tasting some of their vegan samples. I always see other vegan bloggers getting freebies of vegan products, but with me being all the way in Korea, I never expected I would get to join in on some of the product reviewing fun. Annie sent three different muesli samples:

Swiss Original
Diet Delight
Sunshine Island

As I'm sure you already know, I'm a huge fan of oats. I eat a big bowl of it every morning, without fail. But I don't usually eat it cold, which is how muesli is typically eaten. I love my oatmeal hot, thick, and porridgy, so I wasn't sure how I would feel about eating a breakfast of cold oats. However, with the warmer weather coming up, I might actually start to prefer museli. I don't think I'll want a bowl of steaming oats in my belly when it's just as hot outside, so muesli could be the answer.

Milky Rain Muesli

Diet Delight- rolled oats, sunflower seeds, cranberries, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds.

Ofcourse, anyone can make their own muesli- just mix rolled oats with whatever nuts and dried fruit your heart desires. However, not everyone can be bothered to buy all the individual ingredients, especially the more unique ones like dried papaya, mango, or sweet potato, and then combine them in a way to make creative flavors. I've thought about buying muesli that I've seen at department stores, but since they're usually imported from some faraway European country, the steep prices have always held me back. So it's kinda cool that 'Milky Rain' is here in Korea, selling more affordable breakfast mueslis.

Sunshine Island - rolled oats, cornflakes, puffy rice, macadamia nuts, banana, papaya, mango

I've only tried two of them so far, but have really enjoyed the distinct flavor profiles. I have to say that my favorite at this point is the 'Sunshine Island'. Those macadamia nuts are a great addition, and the dried fruits add more sweetness than the 'Diet Delight'. The oats is a little on the chewier side, so if you like your oats very soft and mushy, you should be prepared to do a little extra chewing. However, I actually like chewy oats, so this was a plus for me~

[Soy]milky Rain for breakfast!

All in all, I think Milky Rain is on the right track, and I appreciate their consideration for vegans. Check them out- they have an English website too! :)

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