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Becoming Fit and Strong

The other day, I went to COEX and got myself my very first real sports bra! It's the Nike 'Dedication Airborne Women's Sport Bra', which cost 43,000 won. Eek. Not exactly cheap, but I figure it will last me for many many workouts and runs. I don't exactly have much to support, but I've only ever had crummy yoga bras that have been giving me chafing... :( Dat not nice. Especially when I jump in the shower and the raw skin stings. I've worn it on one run so far, and no chafing yet! So yea~ I'm happy. Plus, sometimes just getting nice 'gear' helps motivate you to stay healthy and active.

Speaking of being healthy... can you see that little nugget of a bicep? The other day, I went to my gym and got one of those body composition measurements done- the ones where you stand on a scale-like contraption, hold onto two hand-grips, while some special current goes through your body, evaluating your fat/muscle percentages. Well, I don't want to give out my actual numbers, but it basically said that I should gain more muscle. Hm... I always thought I had plenty of muscle, especially compared to most Korean girls... but I guess I wouldn't mind being more toned. So I've started doing more P90X strength training lately... hence the photo of me flexing my mini bicep. I wanna be strong! I also asked my sister to bring me some vegan 'Sun Warrior' protein powder when she comes to Korea this Saturday. Hopefully taking in some extra protein will help. I never thought I would be one to get into the whole protein shake trend, but I guess that goes to show that you should never say never. I have no idea what to expect with the powder and how my body will react to it, so this will be an interesting experiment. Of course, I still plan on getting the majority of my protein from real food (tofu, beans, grains, dark green leafies etc~), so I'll definitely see the protein powder for what it is- an occasional supplement to my diet.

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