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Veggie Holic Bakery @ Hongdae

Typhoon Kompasu woke me up so early today~ How rude! My sister and I were going to go down to Cheonan, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Thank goodness I don't have to commute to work. I'm content to just stay in my cubby hole of an apartment and munch on all the delicious bread that I bought at Veggie Holic yesterday!


I heard about Veggie Holic quite a while ago, but since I don't go to Hongdae very often, I kept forgetting about it. However, I recently started hearing all sorts of great things about this bakery from a bunch of different sources (including some of you readers!), so yesterday I finally made the pilgrimage to this vegan sanctuary.


Everything is 100% vegan. Dat's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it~ uh huh, uh huh~


Oh my gahhh. My heart flutters at the sight of so many vegan carb options!


Walnut manjoos


Three different kinds of morning toast breads (black raspberry, mixed fruit/nuts, and sweet pumpkin).


It says 'Blueberry muffins' but there were also chocolate and sweet pumpkin muffins.


Chestnut bread and chocolate pound cake.


Not sure what to call these, but they looked like shortbread sandwiches with candied fruits and nuts in the filling.


*found out that the cookies with the "Cookie" stickers on them are not vegan. (5/10/10)


I'll give you a moment to slurp up that drool from the corner of your mouth~


Oh dear~


The vegan drinks menu. I'm sooo getting the caramel affogato next time. :)


Here are the goods that I splurged on: Bokbunja black raspberry bread (복분자식빵, 5,500 won), a package of biscotti cookies (5,000 won), a chocolate chip muffin (2,000 won), and a sweet pumpkin muffin (2,000 won). The little twisted bread/cake came for free along with the purchase of the loaf of bread. Including a tax fee, I spent a total of 14,500 won! Eeeep! But what is life without a little carb-binging... :) And besides, it's always a pleasure to support one of the few independent, vegan businesses here in Korea.


Ofcourse, my sister and I had to immediately give one of the muffins a taste, so we opened the sweet pumpkin one. Love the vegan muffin top!


This was a little on the denser side (similar to pound cake) and it was delicious. It wasn't sickeningly sweet and I especially loved the nuts and sweet pumpkin chunks.


Everything got neatly packed in a goodie bag for me to take home. For breakfast this morning, I also had some of the black raspberry bread and the biscotti, both of which are awesome awesome awesome. I can't wait to take a bite out of the chocolate muffin next!

I was actually most excited to try their vegan soy yogurt, but the lady at the counter said they were all out because the yogurt company was going through some factory/packaging changes. Bummerrr~~~! She felt really bad about it, but assured me that they will have them back in stock by mid-September. I guess that just gives me another reason to revisit Veggie Holic in a few weeks (not that I need much more convincing anyway). You can also order their products through their website, which I might actually do for their yogurt when it becomes available.

Directions: Hongik University Station, line 2, Exit 2. When you come out the escalator stairs, turn left and walk 2 blocks. Then cross the street and walk to the right. Turn into the road between 'Pourtoi Bakery' and Hana Bank and walk straight, passing a 'Kosa Mart' and a church on your right. Then turn left at the corner of a pizza/pasta restaurant. Veggie Holic will be on your left, a few stores down. (About a 5-minute walk from the station exit).

Opening Hours: Everyday 10AM-10PM

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